Thinking, feeling, problem-solver with a good head teetering on the tip of neck on shoulders

Skilled worker in the field of BLANK 3 years experience at BLANK

Discipline specific knowledge in BLANK

Emotionally intelligent, self-aware, team member who acknowledges

weakness and works to overcome it

No training, need to be able to jump right in and do this job without any help from others

Flexible, adaptable enthusiast who looks at each task as

a learning opportunity and welcome challenge

Without a graduate degree in the field, we’re not interested

Developed leader, able to create an inclusive environment

that celebrates diverse backgrounds and world views

Able to fill this slot perfectly without changing or developing it in any way

someone who likes stagnation

Risk taker, strategic thinker, above and beyonder

Please send a cover letter detailing which position you’re applying for

along with a resume and your hopes to the above address